Tenant Screening Services

Tenant screening reports on TenantAlert utilize nationwide databases consisting of 100’s of millions of records including credit, criminal, eviction, TeleCheck (bad checks), terrorist, sex offender, social security number fraud, and more.

Learn more about the types of tenant screening services TenantAlert offers by selecting from the choices below:

Tenant Credit Reports

Get an instant credit report and score. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion reports available.

Previous Address Tenant History

We search hundreds of databases to find tenant addresses and alias names based on your applicant’s SSN or ITIN.

Tenant Criminal History

Get an instant nationwide criminal search for misdemeanors and felonies. All records are Fair Credit Reporting Act compliant.

Tenant Eviction History

We’ll search civil records to find past evictions in all 50 states. We use a comprehensive address search to make sure no record is left uncovered.

Telecheck Verification

Make sure your applicant doesn’t have a history or writing checks with insufficient funds. We’ll tell if they have a habit of bouncing checks by using their driver’s license number.

Tenant SSN Fraud Report

Make sure your applicant is who they say they are, we’ll verify SSN and date of birth, the status of the SSN, and alias names.

Public Records

Find out if your applicant has bankruptcies, tax liens, and civil judgments. We pick up on records that aren’t reported by credit bureaus.

OFAC/Federal/Terrorist Report

We’ll search the Office of Foreign Asset Control and federal crimes such as drug trafficking, most wanted lists, government fraud, and more.

Sex Offender Report

This database contains an updated list of registered sex offenders nationwide. This is especially important if the rental is located near a school or daycare.